Friday, September 27, 2019

Christian Service Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Christian Service Paper - Essay Example This is a place where they can play together in an organized way with supervision by adults. Lessons in getting along, playing fair and using respectful language is all in a day’s work. Without the Children’s Welfare Institute, many of these children would be home playing on the streets in an unsupervised setting or simply watching endless hours of television until their parents came home to watch them. It is a special place because it teaches children good social skills and values while allowing them to safely have fun. My duties at the Children’s Welfare Institute were centered on interacting with the children. I was assigned to organize them into groups for games and activities. Sometimes these activities involved taking kids to a nearby park or some other location to have free time. I needed to count all of the kids and make sure I returned to the Children’s Welfare Institute safely with all of the children. Sometimes this was had to do because all the y wanted to do was run around while I counted. I soon learned to call them by name. Doing this makes them feel special and lets them know I care about them. My favorite part of the service was organizing sports activities. I was often in charge of organizing the kids into football and basketball teams. This is not always an easy thing to do, especially when there are so many more kids than adults. Many of the kids wanted to play video games all of the time. Some days I would play with them, but I think it is best to run around and be active playing real games not video games. That is why I worked so hard to organize the sports activities. I also worked on the sports activities because I love to play them. I learned that when you involve children in doing the things you love to do you can really have a positive effect on them. I can see that children often do not listen to what you tell them to do. They are too involved in their activities and their own lives to listen to an adult. B ut children really watch what you do. If you speak rudely, they will speak rudely to you as well as other people they meet. I liked organizing the sports for the children because I believe it was one way I could show them I cared for them and I wanted to show them some fun things to do. I wanted them to see that sports can be more fun than video games. One of the children I will remember most was Maya. She always looked so sad. On my first day she would not talk to me. By the end of my service, she spoke to me every day. Some days she would not stop talking! Before my service ended, she said she was glad I cam to work at the Children’s Welfare Institute and that she hoped I would come back to visit. It made me feel very good. All of the children were great, but Maya was special because I felt like she really needed someone to look up to. Being away from her parents was scary for her and I feel like I made her life a little bit happier. The one thing I wished I could have done at the Children’s Welfare Institute was to connect with more children the way I connected with Maya. I realize that this was not possible, but the feeling of helping a child makes you want to go out and do even more things to help other children. One quote from the Bible that makes me think about my service experience is when Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, â€Å"†¦Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.†

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